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Seeking Peace in 2017
Posted by admin - 31/12/16 11:05AM - - 1/52/53/54/55/5

As we welcome a new year we all yearn for an end to violence, both in our homes and on the world stage. We begin with ourselves. It is a spiritual quest first of all. This peace is not just the absence of violence but the presence of the Spirit of Christ within us. The following reflection perhaps gives us some perspective on this quest.

"Many ‘secular spiritualities’ and oriental methods of meditation today teach techniques for calming the mind, reducing stress and improving well‐being. They promise the physical and psychological benefits which have become the object of extensive scientific research. No doubt these benefits are actual, but there remains to explore the spiritual dimension of these pragmatic, experiential forms of what is ‐ often rather loosely ‐ called ‘meditation’.
Many who seek relief from the problems of modern lifestyle witness to these benefits. Later they are often ‘surprised by joy’ and awake to the first stages of a spiritual journey of faith. Thus they move from technique to discipline. Instead of the natural benefits it is the spiritual fruits that now attract their attention. The natural benefits of contemplation are eventually recognised as the sign that grace is working on nature."

(The Contemplative Dimension of the New Evangelization Laurence Freeman)