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Ash Wednesday - Lent - Easter
Posted by Secretary - 06/03/19 07:17AM - - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Today on Ash Wednesday we begin our Lenten journey to Easter.

Lent is a time when we can make choices. To live simply, peacefully, prayerfully. Or to live grasping always for more things, at war with ourselves and each other, thinking that we do not need God. That is the way of the "world." If we want change in the world, or the Church, it needs to begin with us.

This is the work of repentance. Let us make a choice then to give up something to help us change direction. And let us make a choice to take up something in our prayer, fasting, and works of mercy.

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Parish Office Reopens
Posted by admin - 18/01/19 08:21AM - - 1/52/53/54/55/5

The Parish Office will reopen this Monday, 21st January.

Opening times are: 8.30am - 2.00pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Closed Tuesdays.



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Christmas Mass Times at St Joseph's Nambour
Posted by admin - 28/11/18 12:47PM - - 1/52/53/54/55/5


Before each Christmass Mass there will be a time of carol singing for half and hour.

Children are invited to dress in costume for the Feast. Shepherds and Wise Men & Women, Mary and Joseph, and all the Angels are welcome to take part.

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Parish Planned Giving Promotion 2018
Posted by Secretary - 20/10/18 08:55AM - - 1/52/53/54/55/5

This weekend of the 20/21 October members of the Finance Committee will be presenting a report of the Parish Finances of the last financial year. You can download the leaflet here: Finance Report 2018

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St John Bosco Celebrates 80 Years
Posted by admin - 25/09/18 02:21PM - - 1/52/53/54/55/5


In 1938 St John Bosco Church at Kenilworth was blessed and opened by Archbishop Duhig. Dr Doody was Parish Priest at the time.

This Sunday, 30th September, the community in Kenilworth will be commemorating the anniversary with an Ecumenical Liturgy at 11.00am.

All are welcome.

Fr Graham Gatehouse

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