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National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Week
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Karntilmun Angela Ninnal of Yek Nangu clan and Yilimu Bernadine Kungul of Rak Dirringara clan worked on the logo with the theme:

The Heart of Jesus beats within us all. Kandji Michael Parmbuk of Rak Wambu clan was then asked to undertake the work. The image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is central in the presentation and picks up an image in the spirituality that has been particularly prominent in the history of the Catholic Church at Wadeye and for that matter throughout the NT.

You might note though the lines surrounding the heart which indicate that, along with the theme, the heart beats and is a living heart; a blazing fire also rests upon the top of the heart. It is a strong image using the fire, the blood from a wounded heart, the crown, all symbols that have been strong symbols for the Catholic Community here.

The heart is surrounded by a band indicating the Aboriginal clans and family groups that have gathered together from the many different directions to know the love of God found in the

heart of Jesus.

Blue is very much the colour that people in these parts associate with Mary, the mother of Jesus, and who is closely associated with the Sacred Heart under the title of Our Lady of the Sacred

Heart and the name of the Wadeye Parish. Mary under this title is prominent in the prayer and devotions of the people of Wadeye. Our Lady of the Sacred Heart is also the patroness of the

Diocese of Darwin.