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The power of Prayer... by Brian Mulligan

Who can we turn to when the load seems too heavy to bear?
Who else but Jesus. He understands, He cares.
"Come to me all who are burdened and I will give you rest."
our trials and tribulations are all part of the test
Have complete faith and don't worry about things that may never be.
Enjoy the beauty of nature, the sun the land, the sea.
The Father will look after us as He does the birds of the air
and everything is made possible with the power of prayer.

Autumn Leaves... by Brian Mulligan

Autumn leaves, red yellow and brown,
Gradually carpeting the ground.
They are falling now like snowflakes
Gently scattering in the breeze.
It's my favourite time of year
How I love those autumn trees
If God creates such beauty
For the human eye to see,
What wonders Heaven will reveal
For you and me.

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Brian Mulligan passed away in Brisbane on 16th June 2007. He was a member of Vinnies when he and wife Veronica lived here and worked at the Vinnies shop.


Mystical Lady veiled in white
Brilliant as the morning bright.
Single white rose, umblemished and fair
Heavens above help get me there.

Pristine and calm like a fresh spring day
Gentle waves wash over - I begin to pray.
Loving mother you guide as wolves lay in wait,
I am but a lamb and Jesus the gate.

Stay in my life and protect me from storms
When my heart is heavy, sad and forlorn.
Beautiful Lady I stumble towards
You and your Son, Good Shepherd and Lord.

by Margaret Shaddock


Finding a reason is never easy
Accepting life`s mysteries, even harder.
We can only trust and hope that our
experiences are part of a master plan.
It`s sad that our gaining of faith gets
it`s biggest increase when we face death.
Perhaps this is, in itself, a reason.

Physical strength cannot compare with
that of faith and love.
So hold on to your trust and hope.
Above all, hold on to each other
For it is here you will find
Relief from suffering.

by Paul Malone


Tibrogargan and friends rise today above the pineapples
while peoples long past beneath the clay are still.
But love, love unites all in bread and wine.

Remember the hot breeze through the trees and
careless waste that is no memorial to beauty, they,
those long trodden hills, carry our burdens.

Embrace them as a friend
and feel the hard pain.
Climb the loose and dusty path and be at home.

by Graham Gatehouse, Dublin, 27 November 1998

Will you walk with me in the heat of day
Till we come to the crossroads on the way
Of a dusty road at Tarakan,
To a scene in the scheme of the war's mad plan?
There are soldiers there in a little square,
Who will breathe no more of the dust-filled air.
On the trails they died, by the road they rest,
Where the alien soil shrouds each brave breast.
On the crosses which mark the arid mounds
Are the tales of courage which knew no bounds
Terse, simple legends of how they died
In the glorious dawn of manhood's pride.
You'll see their mates at the gravesides stand,
Quietly, slouch hats held in hand;
And you will grieve, as they do too,
For the hopes and dreams which will not come true.
In death such men have but simple needs
No differing labels for differing creeds; For the shoulders which never were cold i
n life Are together in death as they were in strife.
You may gaze at the flag which hangs from the mast
To honour the men who were staunch to the last,
And fancy you hear a quiet voice say:
"Australia, my country, will you repay?
Will you warm my hearth, give daily bread
To the hungry mouths which once were fed
Through the sweat and toil of a fallen man
Who sleeps by the road at Tarakan?"
And when we return by the dusty road
You may bear your share of the sacred load
With a pride whose flame, ignited then,
Will burn till the sound of the last Amen.