Homily for Trinity Sunday 2006

On this First Communion weekend, the Feast of the Holy Trinity, I would like to say a few words of congratulations and thanks. Congratulations first of all to the children who were Confirmed on Friday night by Bishop Finnegan. It was a wonderful night for them and their families. Congratulations to their Parents and their Sponsors who worked with them for this time of initiation.

But, boys and girls, I want to focus on thanking people tonight. And I want to do this by mentioning some people. In this way I want to show you something of the kind of church this is into which you are being initiated by your Baptism, Confirmation and First Eucharist. There are many whom I could mention to you who give witness by their lives of their faith in God in very practical ways. You should be proud to belong to a group of people like this. I certainly am. Here are some of them:

First there is Vince who looks after our gardens around the church. They are always looking excellent especially for events like this. As well, he helps out fixing things that get broken and setting things in place for our celebrations.

Then there is Joan and her Art and Environment group, Irene and Kathy, and many others who take great care that the Church inside is looking good, with flowers and banners and everything clean and in its place.

We could not forget Eileen and her helpers in the Sacristy. You would not believe all the things that need to be prepared to celebrate Mass or any of out liturgies. Eileen is always there to assist me at weddings and funerals as well.

These are all backed up by the very hard working church cleaners. They take great pride in the fact that the Church is spotless every weekend for Mass. They are not often noticed but always there for us.

We should all say thanks to Judith whose amazing skills and generosity have made the Sacramental Program run smoothly. That is no small thing. She and Wendy spent many hours attending with loving care that all the materials for the Program and the celebrations were in place. Wendy also looked after the Bishop with dinner last night that Therese had produced at short notice.

Thanks to Annette who ensures that all the words are in the computer and that there are people rostered for the many liturgical ministries.

Lyn Elson, one of the teachers from our school, came back from leave to be here to rehearse the children for Confirmation and to help out on the night. She loves doing it each year and loves the children. She does it so well.

People like Colleen, Debra and Jan are always ready to help organise events and set things up like supper and cleaning up afterwards.

Darlene and Paul looked after the music for Confirmation. Their love of music is only equalled by their love of the church. Thanks to the great children's choir and also to Michael Devlin who came back to Nambour for the occasion to play the keyboard.

Then there are the group facilitators: Rae, Melissa, Martha, Debbie, Darlene, Debra, Meg, Sandra, Julia, Rosamund, and Josie. These generous people take on the task of coordinating the families into groups for the six sessions to prepare for the Sacraments. It is always a challenge because they have their own family to look after and everyone is very busy. They often think they do not have the skills or the knowledge to be the facilitator but their faith is what shows and carries them through.

These are only some of the people. Each of them is surrounded by a host of other people as well.

This sounds like a litany and it is! A litany of praise of the God we serve.

So, boys and girls, these are the kind of the people who make up the Church along with the Bishops and priests and your own parents and family. What makes it important to mention them is that they give God first priority in their lives. That faith finds its expression in the love they have for the community of the church. In this way they give witness that they are disciples of Jesus. And if they are people who act like that here in our Parish, you can be sure that what they do is a reflection of the kind of people they are to their families and in the community in which they live.

Boys and girls, at your Confirmation, you were invited to confirm the choice your parents made when you were baptised to be disciples of Jesus. Today you seal that pledge when you come to the Lord's Table for the first time. This is a time of deep union with Jesus and with each other. In a world of division and conflict we promise when we say “Amen” to the Eucharist that we will be people who serve God and one another so that God's peace will reign in our world.

We are all a mixture of saint and sinner. But the gifts of the Spirit that have been given to us give a sure hope and a certain guide. What we witness to then is the life of the Trinity in us. The Trinity is not so much a mystery to be understood as a mystery of love that embraces us. It is the mystery in which Jesus lived too. That love has embraced you children through the many people who support you. Welcome to the Table of the Lord.

Fr Graham