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For all kinds of reasons you may not be able to attend Mass or a Liturgy tomorrow and receive the mark of the ashes on your forehead. You can still enter Lent with a personal liturgy of your own. Remembering that this earth is loved by God take a pinch of soil or of ash in your hand and trace it on yourself in the sign of the cross. Say “Remember that you are dust and unto dust you shall return”. Think of the ash or soil as a medicine that slows us down in the hectic hyperactive lives we lead. May it give us pause to seek healing in our souls from all the anxiety and all the addictions we are slaves to in our lives.
The cross is a sign of death that leads to life. May your Lent be a time of new growth from the small shoots of faith that can break through our hardened hearts.

Masses at St Josephs Nambour are at 10.00am and 7.00pm Ash Wednesday.
Fr Graham
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Mass with the Blessing and Distribution of Ashes will take place at 10.00am Wednesday morning and 7.00pm Wednesday evening, the 26th February at St Joseph's.
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It has been confirmed that the Sacrament of Confirmation for children will be celebrated on Saturday, 12th September, 2020 at 3.00pm. Confirmation Information

First Eucharist
Celebration of First Eucharist this year will be held on the weekend of 13 and 14 June at all Masses. First Eucharist Information

Sacrament of Penance - First Rite
Next week we begin a time of preparation for children who are to celebrate the First Rite of Reconciliation. These are children who have already celebrated their Confirmation and First Eucharist including a Second Rite of Reconciliation.
We begin with a Parent information session at St Joseph's Church at 7.00pm, on Wednesday, 19th February. First Rite of Penance Information

Enrolment forms and further information about all Sacraments is available for download from the Parish Website.

Fr Graham Gatehouse
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Catholic Church Plans National Response to Bushfire Crisis
Statement From Conference President Archbishop Mark Coleridge Archbishop Coleridge

Australia is facing an unprecedented calamity as fire engulfs the land in many places. We have all seen the apocalyptic images, even if we are not in the areas most affected. Lives have been lost, homes and towns have been destroyed, smoke has shrouded large swathes of our country. And there is no end in sight to the horror which confronts us with our powerlessness before the devastating force of nature.
The efforts of firefighters have been heroic. The resilience of the communities affected has been extraordinary. This has been Australia at its best, and we all stand with those who have been most stricken and with those who are putting their lives on the line to fight the fires. But we need more than words. Expressions of solidarity are important, but they are not enough. The bishops are aware of the huge amount being done around the nation, led by governments and first responders. Many local faith communities, including Catholic parishes and organisations, as well as ecumenical and inter-religious coalitions, are also making a big contribution. While the bishops typically respond to challenges at a parish or diocesan level, the scale of this crisis requires a national response from the whole Church to complement and coordinate what is happening locally.

From the Bishops Conference, that national response includes:
  • The facilitation of a national network connecting people affected by the bushfires with people who can help with tasks such as preparing meals, clearing properties, rebuilding communities, as well as pastoral and counselling support.
  • The distribution of special prayers and other resources for use in parishes, families and other Catholic communities.
  • Collaboration with key national agencies like Catholic Health Australia, Catholic Social Services Australia, the National Catholic Education Commission and the St Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies) to ensure as effective a response as possible from the wider Catholic community.
  • Cooperating with Catholic Religious Australia and religious institutes and their ministries.
  • Parishes across the country taking up a special collection at Masses on the Australia Day weekend, with all funds to be donated to Vinnies’ bushfire appeal.
Vinnies is responding in all affected states and territories. Its network of local conferences and support services has seen them rapidly respond throughout the nation as the fire crisis has spread. As well as donations at Masses on Australia Day weekend, people are encouraged to support the immediate response and the ongoing work of Vinnies in your state or throughout bushfire-affected communities by donating here. Donate to Vinnies Bushfire Appeal
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A shoot springs from the root of Jesse
A shoot springs from the root of Jesse
Christmas Day falls on a Wednesday this year. The times for Masses  are as follows:
  • 24th December, Tuesday Christmas Eve Vigil Mass at 6.00 pm. At St Josephs Church.
    • There will be carol singing before this 6.00pm Mass.
  • 24th December, Christmas Night Mass 11.00pm at St Joseph's Church.
    • The Mass for Christmas Night will be preceded by Carols by Candlelight at 10.30pm at St Joseph's Church.
  • 25th December, Wednesday, Christmas Morning Mass 8.00 am. at St Joseph's.
  • 25th December, Christmas Day Mass 10.00pm at St John Bosco Church, Kenilworth.
There will also be a 2nd Rite of Reconciliation on Wednesday, 18th December, at 7.00pm.
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Hope Springs
Hope Springs

Christmas Mass Times:
6.00pm Christmas Eve at St Josephs Church Nambour

11.00pm Christmas Eve at St Josephs Church Nambour
This Mass will be preceded by Carols by Candlelight beginning at 10.30pm.

8.00am Christmas Morning Mass at St Josephs Church Nambour

10.00am Christmas Day Mass at St John Bosco Church Kenilworth.
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Centenary Concert Poster
Centenary Concert Poster
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The Australian Plenary Council is a journey over several years by the Australian Church. Much listening and discernment has taken place. In the Brisbane Archdiocese it has reached the stage for an Assembly to move the project forward. You may find information on this link: Brisbane Assembly Information.
Anyone may register for the Assembly which is being held at St Laurences College in Brisbane on the 4th and 5th October. You may register on this link: Register for the Assembly.