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There are many opportunities these days for engaging with Liturgy with Mass being streamed all over the place as well as our own video. Those on our email list have received texts of the Sunday readings as well as prayers and activities at home.
Another possibility are audio programs. Again there are many of these. One from Woolongong Diocese is their radio program on this link The Journey Catholic Radio
A reminder that daily Mass readings are available on our own website through the link on the left of the home page.
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Courage, Endurance, Humour, Ingenuity and Mateship are the values Australians associate with the Anzacs. As Catholics we affirm these as personal and civic values that help make a firm foundation for society. We also add our prayer to the gratitude Australians feel towards all those who have served.

Mass for Anzac Day will be lived streamed from St Stephen's Cathedral this Saturday, at 11.30am.on this link:


Fr Graham Gatehouse
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Easter Cross
Easter Cross
Anxiety and tension is in evidence as people try to buy their daily bread. But as you see people walking around the neighbourhood there is in many places a serenity as the isolation perhaps makes some of us more reflective. May this Easter weekend be a blessing for you in that way too. 

We have been unable to bring you a video of the Good Friday Liturgy.

Happy Easter
Fr Graham Gatehouse
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The Mass of the Lord's Supper was celebrated with an empty Church. Only those needed for the Liturgy are allowed under Government protocols. Thanks to those who helped and to Chris who made the video. Not live! But close.
We may video Good Friday and Easter Sunday all going well.
Count your blessings and share them with others.
Happy Easter
Fr Graham
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This Video was produced by Staff and Students of St Johns College Nambour for Holy Week - Easter 2020
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I put a teddy bear in my front window the other day. I heard about this effort to create a bear hunt with social distancing for children. As they walk with parents through the street they can count how many teddy bears they see. People are finding all kinds of creative ways to live with this “new normal” of our lives. How long it will last we don’t really know. But what we do now may become a new normal after the pandemic is over.

But how do we continue to be “Church” in this situation when we are unable to gather for Mass? Viewing a Mass streamed on social media may help keep us connected. But we can remain passive spectators rather than participating in the Paschal Mystery. Are we singing the hymns as we watch? Are we making the prayers our own and joining the responses? We are a very physical religion. Because of the Incarnation we enter into the mystery of God through created things like bread, wine, water, oil, and an embrace in the laying on of hands. If we cannot do those things can we still be the Church?

Of course we can. Because of that very truth of the Incarnation Jesus can say to us, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them” (Matthew 18:20). So your domestic Church is a real manifestation of the Body of Christ. Christ is there speaking to us through the Word of God. The faith of the whole Church is made visible in our prayer, in our care for one another and especially the poor. That is how the Church endures in many places without priests to celebrate Eucharist.

Simple domestic liturgies have been provided for Holy Week. They can be downloaded here:
1. Palm Sunday
2. Mon, Tues, Wed of Holy Week
3. Holy Thursday
4. Good Friday
5. Easter Sunday

It is important to use the symbols of the liturgy suggested in these leaflets. Engage the children in finding a green branch from your garden, preparing a candle for the table on Holy Thursday evening, placing a cross or crucifix in a prominent place or on the table on Good Friday. Then on Holy Saturday evening prepare the candle again. Instead of a teddy bear maybe you can put your Easter Candle in the window for all to see. (Taking care not to burn the house down or use an electric candle.) Easter Sunday put the bowl of water on the table from which all can bless themselves to recall their Baptism. Even though it may not be formally blessed, as the early Fathers of the Church suggest, all water is holy because in it the Saviour was baptised by John.

You may also find these daily reflections helpful Daily Reflections
Fr Graham Gatehouse
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The Clear Message is: STAY AT HOME

With the deepening effects of COVID-19 in Australia restrictions on movement and social interaction are increasing.

Because of this there will be no publicly accessible Liturgies or devotions at St Joseph’s Church for the time being. The Archbishop has made this clear throughout the Archdiocese.

The Liturgies for home use over Easter issued this week have already been changed by the Archbishop to take this into account. New editions will be made available. Please check the website or your email over coming days.
The Chapel is still available for prayer but only one person at a time.

In addition, from today Friday 27th March, the Parish Office will be closed to visitors. You may still contact the Office by email: or phone 5441 1034. The Office phone will be answered most days for a period. Please leave a message if not answered.

For emergencies the usual Answering Service is available: (07) 3836 3221.

All the disruption, confusion, suffering and death the world is experiencing is not just those painful things. The pandemic is putting us in touch with our deepest humanity. It is a humanity Jesus embraced totally in himself. He was able to say “Do not be afraid, I am with you always.”

Fr Graham Gatehouse PP