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In Volunteers Week we thank all those who enable this liturgy to take place and all who by their generosity make our community a truly wonderful place.
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Thanks once again to Chris Lysaght for being our camera man.
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Not everyone speaks English. The Archdiocese has video of Mass in various languages. Follow this link provided by Multipastoral Pastoral Care in the Archdiocese :
Mass for You at Home
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Courage, Endurance, Humour, Ingenuity and Mateship are the values Australians associate with the Anzacs. As Catholics we affirm these as personal and civic values that help make a firm foundation for society. We also add our prayer to the gratitude Australians feel towards all those who have served.

Mass for Anzac Day will be lived streamed from St Stephen's Cathedral this Saturday, at 11.30am.on this link:


Fr Graham Gatehouse
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Easter Cross
Easter Cross
Anxiety and tension is in evidence as people try to buy their daily bread. But as you see people walking around the neighbourhood there is in many places a serenity as the isolation perhaps makes some of us more reflective. May this Easter weekend be a blessing for you in that way too. 

We have been unable to bring you a video of the Good Friday Liturgy.

Happy Easter
Fr Graham Gatehouse