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The Clear Message is: STAY AT HOME

With the deepening effects of COVID-19 in Australia restrictions on movement and social interaction are increasing.

Because of this there will be no publicly accessible Liturgies or devotions at St Joseph’s Church for the time being. The Archbishop has made this clear throughout the Archdiocese.

The Liturgies for home use over Easter issued this week have already been changed by the Archbishop to take this into account. New editions will be made available. Please check the website or your email over coming days.
The Chapel is still available for prayer but only one person at a time.

In addition, from today Friday 27th March, the Parish Office will be closed to visitors. You may still contact the Office by email: or phone 5441 1034. The Office phone will be answered most days for a period. Please leave a message if not answered.

For emergencies the usual Answering Service is available: (07) 3836 3221.

All the disruption, confusion, suffering and death the world is experiencing is not just those painful things. The pandemic is putting us in touch with our deepest humanity. It is a humanity Jesus embraced totally in himself. He was able to say “Do not be afraid, I am with you always.”

Fr Graham Gatehouse PP

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Although we cannot gather for Mass we can still pray together at home in our families. Even as we observe the social distance and hygene requirements prayer is till possible.

You can download a help for prayer from the Archdiocese on this link  Family Prayer. Also the  readings and prayers from the Mass for the Sunday.
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“In these trying days, while humanity trembles due to the threat of the pandemic, I would like to propose to all Christians that together we lift our voices towards heaven,” Francis said. 

“I invite all the heads of the churches and the leaders of every Christian community, together with all Christian of the various confessions, to invoke the Almighty, the omnipotent God, to recite at the same time the prayer that Jesus, our Lord, taught us,” he continued. 

“I, therefore, invite everyone to do this several times a day, but all together, to recite the Our Father this coming Wednesday, 25 March, at noon (Rome time), all together. On that day on which many Christians recall the annunciation to the Virgin Mary of the Incarnation of the Word, may the Lord listen to the united prayer of all of His disciples who are preparing themselves to celebrate the victory of the Risen Christ.”
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The Archbishop has confirmed thaf from today, Monday, 23rd March, all Church events are suspended. 

Parish churches should close immediately until further notice. Mass will not be celebrated publicly; nor will there be other celebrations such as Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Stations of the Cross.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation should not be celebrated until further notice.

All other parish events, both outdoor and indoor, should be cancelled. This would include events such as outdoor Stations of the Cross on Good Friday.

Meetings should be conducted by phone or skype wherever possible, and where held in person, need to be conducted in line with the 4 square metre rule and social distancing of
1.5 metres throughout.

The full text of the Archbishops letter can be found here: Letter from the Archbishop.pdf
Fr Graham Gatehouse

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Not being able to attend Mass on Sunday at St Josephs Church because of the COVID-19 pandemic can mean a deep sense of loss. For many the Eucharist is at the heart of our Christian life.
It may, however, be an opportunity to renew your prayer at home on Sundays. It may be a simple grace at meals but whatever your prayer is it is a participation in the prayer of Christ to the Father in the Holy Spirit. You may also choose to spend some time in the Eucharist Chapel at St Joseph's  in that same Spirit.
There are in addition several opportunities to observe the Eucharist online.
St Stephen's Cathedral in Brisbane has a live stream of Mass each day on this link: Mass from St Stephen's Cathedral
Shalom World produces a stream from Rome with daily Mass: Daily Mass from the Vatican

We will also be recording the Sunday Mass without a Congregation and uploading it to Youtube with links on this website.

Weekday Masses are unchanged and will be celebrated as usual.
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Provisions to help prevent the spread of COV-ID
 These are the main points from the Archbishop's  letter that might affect you:-

 The celebration of Mass on Sundays (including the Saturday vigil) is suspended with immediate effect and until further notice, and all the faithful are dispensed from the Sunday obligation.

 Priests will continue to celebrate Mass (the Mass for the people) on Sundays without a congregation, with people able to follow Masses live-streamed from the Cathedral at on Sundays and weekdays.

 For the time being, weekday Masses may be celebrated as scheduled, with the current restrictions and precautions to be observed.

 The Sacrament of Reconciliation should in general be celebrated only by appointment with the priest, with the current precautions to be observed.

In the Ordinary Form of the Latin Rite, the Body of Christ should be administered only in the hand and the chalice should be received by the celebrant alone.

 The Sign of Peace should be limited to saying “Peace be with you” with a nod or bow; no hand-shaking or hand-holding should occur here or at the Our Father.

The full text can be downloaded here: Message from the Archbishop
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Coronavirus poster
Coronavirus poster
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“Yesterday the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference issued national advice on liturgical implications in light of coronavirus (COVID-19), which was to be implemented in the light of local circumstances:

Therefore, I have decided on the following protocols which seem proportionate to the current understanding of the coronavirus and the risks outlined by health authorities in this State:
  • Parishes should refrain from distributing Holy Communion from the chalice until further notice, with a reminder to the faithful that Christ is fully present under either species.
  • All ministers of Holy Communion should wash their hands before and after distributing, and provision should be made for this.
  • When exchanging the Sign of Peace, people should avoid shaking hands but say “Peace be with you” with some eye contact and perhaps an appropriate gesture.
  • Holy water should be temporarily removed from fonts at the doors of churches, though still be available for people to take home.
  • Parishes and other settings where liturgies are celebrated should make alcohol-based gels or rubs (or like products) available near the entrances.
It would be preferable and perhaps prudent for people to receive Holy Communion in the hand rather than on the tongue, but the decision on this is left with the communicant at this stage.

The Archdiocese will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide further advice as required. In the meantime we pray fervently that the threat of COVID-19 will ease, that those suffering from the virus will be cured and that those working for its relief will be strengthened.”

Archbishop Mark Coleridge
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Stations of the Cross
On the Fridays of Lent from the 6th March to the 3rd April Stations of the Cross will be held at 5.00pm
On Good Friday Stations of the Cross will be at 10.00am.

Sacrament of Penance
There will be a Second Rite of Reconciliation on Wednesday 11th March at 7.00pm.
First Rite of Reconciliation will be held during Lent at the usual times of 4.30pm Saturdays and 9.30am Wednesdays.
In addition there will be these opportunites for Reconciliation:
  • After the 8.00am Mass on Monday 30th March.
  • At 9.00am on Wednesday 1st April.
  • At 1.00am on Saturday 4th April.