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There is a link at the bottom right side of this page to the extensive ShalomWorld Media called "Media Gallery".
This will take you to live streaming from around the world. In particular there is much Australian content.
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Parishioners are invited to contact the Parish office on 5441 1034 or email if you wish to attend at any of the weekday masses. No more than 10 people will be permitted to attend.
Where possible your name will be registered for the Mass of your choice during the week.

At present there is a maximum of 10 people allowed including the celebrant. Because we are videoing Sunday we are not inviting more people as that number is already reached with the people involved.

During the week at any Liturgy having registered your intention you must:
1. Sanitise your hands on entering the Church.

2. Sign the attendance sheet for contact purposes.

3. Observe social distancing and the 4 sq m rule.

4. Communion will only be distributed in the hand.

5. Sanitise your hands before leaving the Church.

The 10 person rule applies until June 12. At that time the number permitted to attend rises to 20.
We will advise any change to our practice at that time.

Thank you for you patience at this time.

Fr Graham Gatehouse

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Artists who have been in lock down or self-isolation during Covid-19 have been using this time and some creative uses of technology to develop some remarkable recordings; alone but together and in beautiful harmony.
During this time of crisis these videos and recordings have been a source of encouragement and hope. In those video Salt + Light Media invited singers and musicians to collaborate for a production off the wellknown and well-loved hymn ‘Be Not Afraid’ by Bob Dufford, SJ (Oregon Catholic Press, © 1975). The video includes such Catholic musicians as: Dan Schutte, John Michael Talbot, Steve Angrisano, Jesse Manibusan, Ken Canedo, Gretchen Harris, and many others including Australian Fr. Rob Galea.
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